Server Rules

Server Stats

Map: Chernarus
Unique Players: 490
Players Alive: 85
Body Count: 111
Hackers Banned: 21
Heroes: 5
Bandits: 3
Murders: 29
Bandits Killed: 2
Vehicles: 30
Time: 6hr- EST
Day/Night Cycle: Normal

Starting Gear

1. There are boundaries along the edge of the map you are warned before kick, you will be teleported to the coast if you do not head the warning. No I will not teleport you back you were warned enough

2. Do not hoard vehicles, your group does not need more than 5 vehicles if I see your base with more I will delete your newest vehicle and respawn it. Bicycles do not count against your limit or the vehicle count limit.

3. Please report all duping tents I will give you a tent back after deletion.

4. Do not Combat Log if caught combat logging your will be spawned back to the shore with starting gear.

5. Other than that vanilla DayZ have fun!


Long Awaited News Update
Big news update i know i've been slacking. Wanted some issues to be worked out before I updated. So here we go, I've changed the vehicle hoarding rule from 4 to 5 vehicles, added the combat log rule, I've had alot of complaints about this. We've added custom faces to the server. Updated the stats to the right to more reflect the server after the database corruption. The server has been updated to 1.7.6 and then to which did bring on some issues. And last but not least TENTS and vehicle repair, they are fixed, Finally!


Minor additions and Server Issue News
Let's start with the server issues. I haven't been able to manually restart, sometimes having trouble not being able to connect after scheduled restart, and not able to access parts of my control panel. Well now that's fixed the only issue is the database was corrupted from the move to a more powerful server and we had to wipe it clean. With the fresh start I am adding rules so make sure to check out the rules. Also added some minor additions to the server stats over to the right and so new people can see the starting gear that you get with the server. I have added blue chemlights since alot of new players have trouble with the flashlight.


Server news & vote info!
So we have a group of members who wanted a little change to either DayZ 2017 or DayZ+ for now the first vote is on the forums and after wed ill put up one more. Its upto you guys wether we change or stay the way it is. So go register in the forums if you haven't done so yet and make your vote count. I have also added blue chemlights to the starting gear some people get confused by the flashlight so it doesn't change much to give chems.


Community Event Winner and other server news!
Saturday we had a community event "Backyard Brawl" where the last man standing tournament style walked away with a new HMMWV, tent, M240, ammo, frag grenade and Camo. Congratulations to [GW] Tibs! The event had a few technical difficulties, we will be better prepared next time! On a side note I am only one person and the way my host is setup too much vital info is seen so I dont really feel comfortable allowing others access. Im going through different tools to see how I can allow this. But for now I am no longer giving back glitched items it happens to everyone and I dont really have a way to prove thats what you had. It was ok when we were small now im getting too many requests. I dont even spawn myself items I just try to find them again (part of the fun). Most of the time it's human error. I will try to help out some glitch deaths but i can't be there for all of them.



Updated Faq and Community Event info
Updated the Faq section, and still whitelisting like crazy. Tonight at 9pm est, we will hold a community event be on the server for more info.


Server fixed, Whitelisting, and more!
Finally after a few days, my server host has fixed all issues plagued by the new patch. Tents no longer get deleted after restart. Heli crashes should be spawning now, remember they all dont spawn on server restart like they used to. Last but not least the server is back on its normal day/night and time schedule again. On another note, whitelists applications in the last 24 hours has been going pretty steady, and that's thanks to you guys for playing on the server. Who wants to sign up to a whitelisted server no one plays. So thanks again guys! And last but not least there will be a community event coming this weekend I will keep you updated when I have more info.


Dayz Standalone


Glitches, problems, and bugs oh my!
I am aware of the issues with the server right now and so is my host they are working hard to fix the problems. So far that includes Day/Night Cycle, Heli Crashes not spawning, and newly placed tents deleting on server restart.For now the only real problem is the tents try to store them in your vehicle if you have one for now until the problem is fixed.